The reason why it’s dangerous to make decisions following ONLY the mind’s advice is because:

01) your mind has been conditioned

02) it does not take your heart, your core, your gut, your true self, your higher self into account.

From the time you were a toddler, through your parents, social and cultural influences, religious or non-religious belief systems, childhood traumas (conscious or unconscious, obvious or seemingly small and insignificant traumas) and accumulated experiences – your mind was conditioned to adapt to your life experience and based on this, rationally & logically convince you it always KNOWS what is right and wrong, good and bad for you. It’s claiming to do this to protect you. This is often not the case.

Do consult your mind, absolutely. Ask for its opinion on the matter, but question the answer in stillness, not only but especially if the answer appears to be black-or-white, absolute, harsh, radical or unbalanced.

In stillness, if you create space for it, if you give it room, if you listen carefully – another voice will appear. Only this one, at first, is very quiet, soft, gentle; and it often says things your conditioned mind will LOUDLY and vehemently disagree with, immediately starting to state its case with learned phrases, black-and-white argumentation, forceful clarity and the intention to demolish this already quiet voice that is trying to express your true self.

Stay with it. Come back to your breath. Create space for it again. Hear what it has to say. This is your heart. This is your gut. This is your intuition. This is your inner child. This is your higher self.

This is where you’ll find the courage – again and again – to follow your own guidance, your own path, your own calling, your own purpose, your own dreams, your own visions – your own voice.

Because ultimately, your mind will never be able to talk you into being truly happy, no matter how rational and logical the reasons are, no matter how many boxes you’ve ticked, no matter how “in comparison” you SHOULD be happy.

So if you want a balanced answer, you have to check in with your true self and your body before you make a decision. ❤️ Mo