Check in with yourself. Pause, reflect, re-align, reconnect with your true self and your higher purpose.


Take time out to just beeeee and enjoy the little things. Spend time in nature: a tree, a plant, a flower, an animal can teach us a lot about BEING.


Go at your own pace that is healthy and balanced for you. There’s joy, bliss, calm, creativity and magic in effortlessness. Breathe and make space for this.

Remember you always have the choice to:

Stop 🛑 repeating patterns and habits that don’t serve you (and therefore others).

Stop 🛑 engaging with & reacting to people that often bring you down and affect your well being.

Stop 🛑 ignoring the most important relationship you have which affects all other relationships in your life: you & yourself. The way you often talk to yourself in your head, would you talk like this to your best friend or your own child as a wise loving parent? By becoming more aware of this you can change it…

Stop 🛑 the “I NEED THIS RIGHT NOOOOOOOOW” attitude in your life, change your relationship with time and STOP COMPARING your unique self to another unique self – so you can enjoy your own journey so much more.

START ✅ having healthier routines, short ACTUAL breaks without distractions – and most importantly:

START ✅ having more BOUNDARIES that enable you to be more healthy, peaceful and loving – towards yourself and therefore towards others. A big international study conducted by Brené Brown has shown that the most compassionate people are the most boundaried people. I read this twice. The most compassionate people are the most boundaried people.

And as always, I highly recommend following @the.holistic.psychologist for brilliant content on all of this, I find it really helpful. I wish you a beautiful, calm and peaceful new week with a mix of being & doing. 😊

Sending you ❤️❤️❤️ and ☀️☀️☀️  Mo