South London based artist Mo Brandis has already garnered Top 10, platinum and gold releases as a songwriter in over 10 countries including the UK and Germany, as well as touring over 40 countries as lead vocalist with Incognito – but Mo’s solo material places him firmly in the spotlight as an artist in his own right. 
Mo’s latest single ‘Double It‘ is a sun-drenched and laid-back summer tune written in Ibiza, from the upcoming EP ‘5 Days In Ibiza’. 
“I’m a gemini – and also feel like I have two sides as an artist” Mo explains. “My roots are in soul, funk and gospel and I love contemporary productions – electro, pop, hip hop and R&B. But I also love stripped down soulful and classical infused ballads because I play the piano and write the string arrangements. I know I’ll always need to do both!”
With an eclectic taste in music and having grown up between Swaziland, Hamburg and Ibiza before moving to London in 2007, it comes as no surprise that Mo’s upcoming releases span multiple genres: 
There’s a collaboration with LA based film & classical composer Trevor Kowalski (60M+ Spotify streams), the ‘Freedom’ EP as one half of the cinematic, hard-hitting and gritty pop duo Duel Nation with LA producer Robbie Lamond – and the exciting new solo EP ‘5 Days In Ibiza’.